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Self-Care Strategies for Leaders Facing Challenges

Discover essential self-care strategies for leaders navigating tough career transitions like demotions or layoffs. Prioritize mental, emotional, and physical well-being with practical tips on emotional health, maintaining routines, professional development, and personal growth

Robert Grant: Elevating Leadership Skills and Performance for Small Business Success

Learn how executive coaching from The Workplace Coach revolutionized a client's leadership and team dynamics, leading to increased success in his healthcare facility. Elevate your leadership skills for small business success.

How to Cultivate Influence as a Leader

Influence is the currency of leadership. It is about shaping outcomes and impacting decisions and behaviors up, down and across the organization (and even beyond it). But how does one wield this power judiciously and effectively?

Leveraging Emotional Intelligence and Strengths for Leadership Excellence

Discover how integrating Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and personal strengths into your leadership strategy can transform your management style, foster deeper team connections, and elevate organizational success.

The Power of Happiness as a Key Performance Indicator

Uncover the transformative power of prioritizing happiness as a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) in executive coaching, guided by the wisdom of Dr. Mickey Parsons, MCC, and founder of The Workplace Coach.

Dr. Mickey Parsons: 25 Years of Executive Coaching Insights

Reflecting on my journey since March of 1999, when I began my coaching career, I've witnessed a remarkable transformation in the business and leadership landscape.

How to Set Effective Leadership Goals for the New Year

As we step into a new year, it's the perfect time for leaders to set fresh goals and redefine their leadership strategies. Effective goal-setting is crucial in leadership, and an executive coaching perspective can offer valuable insights into this process. Here's how you can set impactful and achievable goals for the year ahead.

Handling High-Stakes Conversations: 9 Tips for Leaders

What’s the most important thing leaders can do to bring about a successful outcome in high-stakes conversations? This article will help guide you.

How to Make Your Mark as a Leader: An Executive Coaching Perspective

Are you a leader or aspiring leader who wants to make a bigger impact? At The Workplace Coach, we’re convinced that becoming more self-aware is a powerful first step.

The Need for Leadership Agility Is Acute. Do You Have What It Takes?

Leadership agility is the ability to lead effectively amid rapid change and in complex situations. It requires a capacity to learn and adapt quickly in order to navigate fast-changing dynamics. Leadership agility also involves the ability to embrace uncertainty.

Your Path to Leadership Greatness

Do you want to become a leader? Taking the time to understand your “why” will get you there faster. When you are clear about your purpose, you tend to set goals that align with that purpose. As a result, you are naturally more motivated to reach your goals.

5 Steps to Reaching the C-Suite

Are you aiming for the C-suite? Or perhaps your firm needs to groom execs for the corner office? Here are five learning priorities, plus tips, suitable both for professionals who want to reach the corner office and for learning officers and HR pros looking to prepare their next C-suite occupants.

5 Coaching Skills to Drive Your Leadership Success

What’s the most effective way to boost your impact and effectiveness as a people leader? By making coaching integral to your leadership style!

10 Leadership Development Priorities for Exceptional Executive Growth

Exceptional leaders aren’t born. They are developed through a process of continuous growth, self-awareness and learning.

8 Leadership Tips for Navigating Office Politics

Whether you’ve just stepped into a leadership role or you’re a longtime leader struggling with chronic power dynamics, managing office politics is a necessary part of your job. Following are top leadership tips from The Workplace Coach to help you navigate office politics skillfully.

When the Going Gets Tough: 5 Leadership Competencies to Elevate

How do leaders excel in a tough business climate like today’s? They sharpen their leadership capabilities in five key areas, according to The Workplace Coach.

Use Positive Psych to Boost Staff Morale, Strengthen Teams

New research from Gallup shows a significant decline in employee engagement in the last few years. According to Gallup, only 32% of full- and part-time employees are engaged today. Fully 18% are what Gallup calls “actively disengaged.”

Top 3 Qualities to Look for When Hiring Senior Execs

What qualities do businesses prioritize when hiring senior-level executives? Given all the changes in our world, have organizations changed what they’re looking for when hiring senior leaders or developing high-potential employees?‍

9 Ways to Foster Community at Work & Improve Employee Productivity

Last month, in the wake of Hurricane Ian, we saw communities across Florida rally together. Now The Workplace Coach is reminding its executive and leadership coaching clients that community matters in the workplace too – and not only in times of crisis.

To Lead Effectively, Pay Attention to Why People Work

As businesses refocus on their strategic priorities at the start of autumn, at The Workplace Coach we’re reminding our executive and leadership coaching clients to keep their employees’ priorities in clear focus too.

10 Ways for Leaders to Handle Heated Political Issues at Work

This summer, soon after the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, I was asked to comment for an article about how employers should respond to the ruling.

5 Leadership Competencies to Prioritize in Tough Times

At The Workplace Coach, we see strong evidence that when organizations embrace a competency-based approach to business leadership, they do a better job of identifying high-potential leaders and developing their next generation of leaders. This focus on leadership development gives them a significant competitive edge.

5 Ways Leaders Can Advance Diversity in the Workplace

Whether you are a team leader, a C-suite exec or still new to leadership, you no doubt are aware of the growing imperative to prioritize diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in your organization.

Want to Become a Better Leader? Adopt These 5 Habits

After coaching hundreds of leaders over more than two decades, I’m convinced that you don’t have to be a so-called “born leader” or a “natural leader” to be a successful leader. You can become one.

Do You Need Executive Presence? What About Your Leadership Team?

With so much talk about “executive presence” in leadership literature and blogs these days, you may be wondering what executive presence is and how you, or your leadership staff, can improve yours or theirs.

How to Use Positive Psychology to Engage Your Team

Positive psychology has taken on a transformative role in the workplace. A powerful concept grounded in research, positive psychology focuses on strengths, positive emotions and values to support well-being and optimal functioning.

5 Action Steps to Improve Employee Retention Today

It’s no secret that businesses face a crisis in staffing due to high employee turnover during what’s being called The Great Resignation. For leaders, reducing turnover is a huge and stubborn challenge, making improving employee retention and engagement a top priority.

Are You New to Leadership? You Need Help!  

Short on time? Scroll down for our TOP FIVE TIPS on how to transition into leading others successfully.

To Accelerate Change, Watch How You Spend Your ‘Emotional Dollars’

In my experience coaching clients who want to change, grow or advance but who feel stuck, burnout is often a big factor. To assist them in learning more about their burnout so they can overcome it and prevent it in the future, I created the Emotional Dollars concept.

To Move Up to Leadership, Start With Self-Leadership

Here’s something that all successful leaders understand implicitly: Before we can lead others, we must first lead ourselves.

New Leaders Need to Improve Their Time Management

In our many years of coaching a diverse group of new leaders, aspiring leaders and managers who want to advance in their careers, we’ve noticed a consistent theme: Without effective time management skills, just about everyone will eventually hit a barrier to success. ‍

5 Ways Leaders Can Use Coaching Skills to Drive Results 

Today’s volatile business conditions together with the demands of a younger workforce are driving more and more organizations to embrace coaching as their preferred leadership style. 

5 Positive Psychology Benefits for Leaders During Covid

As 2020 winds down, we can all agree that this has been a stinker of a year. At The Workplace Coach, we’ve found that even the most experienced leaders have had their confidence shaken as they grapple with the deep, ongoing disruptions of Covid-19. 

Smart Leaders Ask Smart Questions

Good questions have the power to unlock minds, open doors and create new opportunities. In my coaching practice, I find that asking the right question at the right time is often the catalyst that moves a client forward. Smart leaders know this and are skilled at asking questions that prompt team members to see fresh perspectives, make new connections and imagine innovative possibilities. 

Using Smart Goals to Advance Your Career

Are you eager to move up to a managerial, executive or leadership role in your profession but can’t seem to make it happen? Chances are you need to be more strategic. At this stage in your career, getting to the next level requires a focused, even analytical approach. Here’s a 10-step roadmap that will help.

Executive Coaching: How to Choose the Right Coach for You

Research shows that working with an executive coach yields powerful results, including heightened confidence and performance. But it only works if you choose the right coach for you!

5 Steps to Greater Success & Fulfillment In Work & Life 

Research has found that for business leaders, entrepreneurs and professionals in midlife, executive coaching grounded in the tenets of positive psychology yields powerful results. 

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