Your Path to Leadership Greatness

August 5, 2023

Do you want to become a leader? Taking the time to understand your “why” will get you there faster.


When you are clear about your purpose, you tend to set goals that align with that purpose.As a result, you are naturally more motivated to reach your goals.


At The Workplace Coach, we find that our executive coaching and leadership clients who understand their values and motivations also tend to be more effective and persuasive as leaders. When you lead from a place of conviction, authenticity and heart, it makes a huge positive difference.


Getting to your ‘why’

Here a few ways for leaders and aspiring leaders to gain clarity about their purpose and motivators.


1. Take time for self-reflection. Ask yourself questions like:

-  What do I consider the top traits of an exemplary leader?

-  What are my top three motivators (for ex., recognition, helping others, money,a compliment)?


2. Take a personality assessment test or do a values clarification exercise, like Gallop’sCliftonStrengths assessment or the VIA Character Strengths Survey. Doing so will give you insights into your values and strengths.


3. Partner with a leadership coach or executive coach to accelerate your growth. A coach will ask thought-provoking questions that spark insights into your values and vision in addition to providing a fresh perspective.


More steps to greatness

Greatness in leadership is about the impact you have on your team, your organization, your clients and your community. Here are more tips for transforming your motivations and purpose into leadership excellence:


1.    Before making key decisions or taking important actions, ask yourself: Does this move align with my “why”?


2.    Develop a clear leadership vision that’s grounded in your core values.


3.    Be open about what motivates you when discussing your vision and goals with team members. This creates a sense of shared purpose and teamwork.


4.    Empower others. Support employees’ development by challenging them with new opportunities and connecting them to learning resources.


5.    Manage your time well. Keep your motivations, purpose and values in mind when making choices about how to use your time.


6.    Keep learning and growing. Embrace challenges, learn from your failures and get feed back about your leadership regularly.


At The Workplace Coach, We Develop Great Leaders

The Workplace Coach supports leaders and aspiring leaders in becoming great at what they do through a number of offerings. They include:


Leadership Coaching

Suitable for senior executives, high-potential leaders and upwardly mobile managers, leadership coaching is fully customized to your needs and situation. Coaching includes assessment, discovery, alignment, feedback and confidential individual coaching. Leaders identify realistic strategies and solutions and develop practical action plans to drive growth.


Areas of focus typically include:projecting executive presence, developing a CEO mindset, navigating critical conversations, building trust with executive teams and cultivating strategic alliances, etc.


Certified Leader Coach®

CLC is a customizable 6-module corporate leadership and executive training and leadership development program for managers and above. Leaders gain advice and skills to increase employee engagement, nurture innovation, facilitate collaboration, and more. In addition to e-learning modules, CLC includes six coaching sessions and coaching skills feedback.


Profile and Assessment Tools

The Workplace Coach offers a curated selection of 360 feedback assessment tools, coupled with support and guidance. Profile and assessment tools provide an overview of who you are, your personal influence and impact, and your communication and collaboration styles. Used skillfully, they allow leaders to develop their emotional intelligence and relational skills and extend their influence.


The Workplace Coach Institute

The Workplace Coach offers affordable and free online courses, including: Two Coaching Models Every Leader Should Master; Certified Leader Coach®; Empathy as an Essential Leadership Skill, and Building Your Personal Brand. (Coming soon: Developing Executive Presence.)


ABOUT THE WORKPLACE COACH: The Workplace Coach has deep expertise in business leadership. For more than two decades, its award-winning coaches have been partnering with executive coaching and leadership coaching clients and organizations to help them achieve their strategic goals. Leadership coaching clients report success in developing their leadership mindset and executive presence and in using leader-as-coach tools to drive higher employee engagement and productivity.


The Workplace Coach will help you become a great leader faster. Ready to get started? Request your FREE Leadership Development Plan today.


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