Assessments Boost Competency, Culture & Outcomes

Profile and assessment tools provide an overview of who you are, your personal influence and impact, and your communication and collaboration styles. Used skillfully, these assessment tools allow leaders, managers, team members, and high-potential employees to develop their emotional intelligence and relational skills and extend their influence.

Benefits to organizations typically include a healthier workplace culture, improved teamwork, and increased engagement and loyalty.

To support our clients in developing these capabilities, The Workplace Coach offers a carefully curated selection of proven 360 feedback assessment tools backed by our support and guidance.

Boost Your Leadership Capabilities with 360-Degree Feedback

360 leadership feedback tools are among the most popular and effective appraisal systems. These assessments give employees feedback from across the organizational hierarchy, including supervisors, co-workers, and direct reports.

We offer the following highly-regarded products:

EQ 360

EQ Workplace 360 and EQ Leadership 360

Korn Ferry 360 Feedback Assessment


Why Choose Our 360 Leadership Assessments?

Senior leaders find that 360-degree feedback provides powerful insights into the impact of their individual style on the people around them so they can adjust their mindset and behaviors to improve results. Executives and managers also use 360 results to create organizational and individual development plans.

High-potential employees benefit from 360-degree feedback in areas like interpersonal communication, teamwork, and workplace performance.

Discover some of the Best 360 Leadership Assessment Tools

When it comes to leadership assessment instruments, quality is paramount. View our carefully chosen collection of the best 360 leadership assessment tools, created to satisfy the various demands of executives in various sectors.

Our technologies, which range from intuitive interfaces to perceptive analytics, are hand-picked to provide unmatched value. Investigate our 360 leadership evaluations and set off on a path of true self-awareness, development, and superior leadership.

More Assessment Tools

Depending on your needs, we also offer other assessment tools that provide useful intelligence:


Identifies individual behavioral styles to enhance team building, team cohesion, communication, and workplace trust.

Hogan Personality Inventory

Assesses leadership and learning agility among high-potential and senior leaders to pinpoint areas for development.

TALENTx7 Assessment

Measures leadership potential, strengths, and weaknesses to identify and manage high-potential talent.

Clifton StrengthsFinder and VIA Character Strengths

Identify unique personal skills, talents, qualities, and strengths to help individuals, teams, and organizations leverage their best assets.

The Workplace Coach Maximizes Assessment Results

The Workplace Coach partners closely with organizational and individual clients to guide them through assessment selection, setup, implementation, and aftercare.

We will:

  • Collaborate with you to interpret results for maximum benefit
  • Partner with you to design action and accountability plans to ensure sustained success.

Assessment results are always delivered with great care and in a safe environment to ensure that participating individuals are open to receiving and acting on feedback.