How to Make Your Mark as a Leader: An Executive Coaching Perspective

October 9, 2023

Are you a leader or aspiring leader who wants to make a bigger impact? At The Workplace
Coach, we’re convinced that becoming more self-aware is a powerful first step.

This is because leadership is about more than managing teams and ensuring profitability. True
leadership is the ability to inspire and influence others in order to drive positive change. We
know from our leadership coaching with senior executives and rising executives that self-
knowledge is an essential foundation for becoming an influential leader.

Here are 10 ways that you can rise above the rest and make a meaningful difference as a leader.

1. Develop self-awareness
Tools like 360-degree leadership assessments and personality profiles, together with honest
feedback from an executive coach or mentor, will give you insights into your strengths,
weaknesses, triggers and biases. The more you know yourself, the easier it is to manage your
reactions, handle conflict, make informed decisions and lead with integrity.

2. Lead by example
The adage “actions speak louder than words” holds true in leadership. When you exhibit the
values, work ethics and behaviors you want to see in your team, you set a positive example.
Doing so helps to set a workplace culture that’s defined by clear expectations and high standards.

3. Empower others
Good leadership isn’t about power – it’s about enabling others to shine. To empower your teams,
encourage them to be creative and take risks, then provide them with the tools, resources and
autonomy they need to succeed. Also, place your trust in them. When people feel trusted, they’re
more motivated and more likely to take ownership of their work.

4. Foster open communications
To facilitate healthy communication, be approachable, then listen actively and with an open mind
to feedback and concerns. And be responsive to those concerns! When team members feel they
can speak freely, without fear of repercussion, creativity and collaboration flourish.

5. Cultivate emotional intelligence
Emotional intelligence (EQ) is the ability to understand, interpret and manage your emotions and
the emotions of others. Leaders with high EQ are better at building strong relationships, handling
complex interpersonal dynamics and inspiring others.

6. Be a lifelong learner
In a world of constant change, you must commit to lifelong learning, so you continually expand
your knowledge and skills. Read widely and take advantage of learning opportunities like
workshops, conferences, formal education and self-study.

7. Celebrate successes & learn from failures
Boost morale by celebrating your team’s accomplishments. This also reinforces the behaviors
and outcomes you want to see. Treat failures as learning opportunities. Instead of placing blame,
ask, “What can we learn from this?” Do the same with your own failures!

8. Invest in relationships
Nurturing professional relationships inside and outside your organization paves the way for
collaborations, partnerships and new opportunities. Connecting with peers, mentors and industry
experts also gives you resources, support and guidance when you need them.

9. Stay grounded & be authentic
Leadership can be a heady experience, and it’s easy to lose touch with yourself. Check in
periodically with yourself or with a trusted colleague to make sure you are remaining true to your
core values and principles. Also, remember to be yourself – always! Authenticity engenders trust
and respect from your team members, stakeholders and partners.

10. Consult an executive coach
Leadership can be a lonely experience. Partnering with an executive coach puts a leadership
expert and trusted confidante in your corner. An executive coach will give you objective
feedback, challenge your thinking, guide you in creating your strategic growth plan and hold you
accountable as you reach for and achieve your leadership goals.

To make your mark as a leader you must commit to a journey of continuous growth and
improvement. While this is deeply rewarding, it is also challenging. We’re here to help! At The
Workplace Coach, we are committed to accelerating your success as a leader

ABOUT THE WORKPLACE COACH: The Workplace Coach has deep expertise in business
leadership. For more than two decades, its award-winning coaches have been partnering with
executive coaching and leadership coaching clients and organizations to help them achieve their
strategic goals. Leadership coaching clients report success in developing their leadership agility,
CEO mindset and executive presence, as well as in using leader-as-coach tools to improve
employee engagement and productivity.

Contact The Workplace Coach today to equip your senior leaders for excellence.

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