The Need for Leadership Agility Is Acute. Do You Have What It Takes?

September 11, 2023

Agility is a critical leadership competency in today’s volatile business climate. But many successful senior leaders find it challenging to pivot to a nimble leadership style.


At The Workplace Coach, we see a growing need for coaching that supports leadership agility, as more and more organizations seek to equip their senior leaders to deal effectively with rapid change.


Numerous forces – from AI, to climate change, to ‘quiet quitting,’ to geopolitical factors, to innovative competitors – are creating an acute need for business leaders who are flexible and forward-thinking. Amid all these pressures, agility is really the leadership quality that stands out as being most critical.


What is leadership agility?

Leadership agility is the ability to lead effectively amid rapid change and in complex situations. It requires a capacity to learn and adapt quickly in order to navigate fast-changing dynamics. Leadership agility also involves the ability to embrace uncertainty.


Agility is essential in people management, especially in an era when businesses are dealing with “quiet quitting,” as disengaged employees put in minimal effort.


The flexibility and open-mindedness of agile leaders allows them to be more responsive to the people they manage, as well as less rigid and hierarchical. This is critical when it comes to motivating employees and retaining top talent.


Agility & people management

Here are five ways that leadership agility makes executives better people leaders.


1.     Because they are comfortablewith uncertainty and change, agile leaders project genuine optimism. This has abeneficial impact on morale and enables a positive workplace culture.


2.     Because they have less need to control outcomes, agile leaders tend to be more open to collaborative decision making. They are also more willing to empower their teams, supporting innovation and creativity.


3.     Agile leaders also engage more effectively with their employees. They feel comfortable listening to employee concerns and working together to find mutually agreeable solutions.


4.     Agile leaders aremore resilient. Their flexibility and quick thinking allows them to respond adeptlyto unexpected developments and to recover quickly from setbacks, setting apositive example for team members.


5.     Agile leaders are future-focused.They are not wedded to traditional ways of doing things and are better equippedto support their team members in facing the future with confidence and open-mindedness.


Tips for fostering your own agility

Here are three tips for cultivating agility.


1.    Bea life-long learner. View challenges and change as opportunities for growth anddevelopment.


2.    Cultivateopen-mindedness. Put yourself in new situations that challenge yourassumptions. Listen to differing perspectives without rushing to judgement.


3.    Nurture adaptability. Encourage team members to be open to new ways of thinking and doing things. Seek to create a workplace culture that supports the free exchange of ideas and concerns.


Coaching & agile leadership

It’s not unusual for top executives to need the support of an executive coach or leadership coach as they pivot to a more flexible and dynamic leadership style.In fast-moving times such as these, it is really tough for leaders to go it alone.


One clear benefit of coaching is that it gives executives a trusted and skilled confidant with whom they can discuss their goals and challenges. Ultimately, coaching helps executives re-center themselves in their values, integrity and confidence as they move to a more agile leadership style.

Other benefits of executive coaching for leaders include:


·      Greater able to thrive amid uncertainty

·      Improved decisiveness and confidence

·      More skillful people management

·      Greater employee retention

·      Heightened resilience in the face of change

·      Increased optimism and improved morale

·      Enhanced collaboration and innovation.


Ifyou’re ready to prepare your senior leaders to deal with ever-accelerating change, contact The Workplace Coach today.


ABOUT THE WORKPLACE COACH: The Workplace Coach has deep expertise in business leadership. For more than two decades, our award-winning coaches have been partnering with executive coaching and leadership coaching clients and organizations to help them achieve their strategic goals. Our leadership coaching clients report success in developing their leadership agility, CEO mindset and executive presence and in using leader-as-coach tools to improve employee engagement and productivity.


Contact TheWorkplace Coach today to cultivate leadership agility in your organization.

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