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The Workplace Coach offers executive coaching in Greater Atlanta by partnering with executives, senior leaders and aspiring leaders to optimize leadership via a supportive, empowering and fully confidential professional relationship.

Our award-winning executive coaches employ proven, research-based models of coaching to support mid-level to senior executives as they prepare to assume greater responsibility and expand their leadership capabilities. We also support the development of future leaders by coaching high-potential employees in areas such as managing others, critical thinking, business acumen and building strategic partnerships.

Executive Leadership Coaching is a fully customizable process that encompasses assessment, discovery, alignment, feedback and coaching.

Maximum effectiveness is ensured as coach and client establish a positive, constructive relationship that provides a framework for assessment, learning and positive change. Every coaching engagement is customized to meet the needs of individual participants and their organizations.

We look forward to providing your business with high-performance executive coaching in Greater Atlanta with breakthrough results.


Best suited for:

Executives and senior leaders preparing for a major step up in responsibilities or acclimating to a new role that involves complex challenges.

Leaders who have made significant changes in their approach to leadership or who want to hone and develop their own workplace coaching skills.

High-performing individuals, such as top sales professionals, who are shifting into team leader, managerial or executive roles.

Aspiring senior managers and leaders whose growth will be accelerated through a personal, customized approach to development.

Organizations looking to develop future leaders by supporting the growth of high-potential employees.

Elements of Coaching

Custom assessment package. Typically includes personality and style surveys, 360-degree feedback instruments and phone interviews with stakeholders.

In-person or virtual goal-setting and feedback sessions.

Ongoing coaching via phone, videoconferencing and/or in-person.

On-site observations and job shadowing may be included in the assessment or coaching phase.

Coaching Duration

Executive and senior leader coaching is typically structured to last 6 to 9 months or longer, based on the executive’s and organizational needs.

Coaching for high-potential individuals typically lasts 6 months.