Welcome to ‘The Workplace Coach’ – We are passionate about helping people and their organizations be at their best.

Is ‘The Workplace Coach’ right for you? If you find yourself asking the following questions, the answer is YES!

  • How can I become a more confident and effective leader, someone that people want to follow?
  • Who can help me build cohesive, high performing teams?
  • How can I be a successful, ethical leader at work, while maintaining a thriving, healthy and meaningful personal life, too?
  • Who can guide me as I prepare for and land my dream job?
  • How can I learn to sell myself (my company or my products) with greater style, precision and ease?

We Specialize in Helping High Potential Managers and Executives:

  • Develop their leadership skills with our executive coaching programs as they become catalysts for positive change and ethical leadership in their organizations, professional and personal lives
  • Build effective teams and communication strategies with our customized DISC team building and leadership workshops
  • Apply coaching and mentoring skills to boost performance through our “Leader-As-Coach” and Certified Leader Coach® programs
  • Proactively manage their careers and successfully navigate career transitions
  • Plus, we also supervise and mentor aspiring coaches as they complete ICF certification at the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and Master Certified Coach (MCC) levels

 The Workplace Coach 15 Year Anniversary


Our Mission is to provide strategy, structure and solutions that inspire and equip leaders and their organizations for innovation and success.

Our award winning* executive coaches partner with leaders of small, mid-sized and divisions of large organizations to prepare them and their teams for their pursuit of high performance and breakthrough results. We deliver high impact executive, leadership, career, health and wellness and life coaching services along with business management and organizational development consulting to facilitate individual and organizational effectiveness.

Our coaching psychology approach ensures that investments in organizational and individual development deliver evidence-based outcomes, while helping clients leverage strengths and new skills long after the engagement has ended. We always tailor our executive coaching, leadership training, team building workshops and assessment services to meet the unique situations and specifications of our clients.

Contact us to arrange a confidential, no-cost conversation to discuss your situation as we explore how our expert coaches can help you create and execute a plan to achieve your aspirations.

Mickey Parsons, PSYD, MCC, CEAP
Founder, Master Certified Coach | Board Certified Coach

*The Workplace Coach is the proud recipient of the Georgia Excellence Award for Consumer Services in Executive Coaching (2013 & 2015), Consumers’ Choice Award® for Professional Business Coaching (2011 & 2012), and “Best of Business” Award for Atlanta Business Services (2011).