Technology-Based Learning

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In a study of more than 230 organizations, Novations Group found that companies are relying more on technology-based learning methods both in response to budget constraints as well as changing learner preferences (i.e. younger generations have a preference for accessing learning on-demand and in bite-sized formats).

While the shift from traditional to technology-based classrooms has reduced travel and overall cost-per-employee expenses, they also require more pre and post-work, greater use of assessments and shorter programs. At ‘The Workplace Coach,’ we have worked to incorporate web-ex/PowerPoint style presentations with interactive activities, re-caps and quizzes to help ensure delivery of key learning points. Plus, we strongly encourage companies to combine group and individual coaching with technology-based learning to increase the likelihood of hardwiring new skills and behaviors.

5 Steps for Creating a Successful eLearning Strategy:

1.    Align elearning strategies with your company’s business objectives
2.    Identify “pain/gain” issues within the organization to help win buy-in from leaders and managers
3.    Consider a beta test to demonstrate ROI and cost-benefit measures
4.    Make sure your company’s technology infrastructure supports elearning technologies
5.    Carefully plan the roll-out and evaluation of the elearning program to maximize impact and success