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Teamability Team Analysis

How much more will your organization achieve when every team becomes more resilient, more collaborative, and more productive?

Teamability AtlantaThe Gabriel Institute (TGI) has created technology that reveals how people will perform when working with others to solve problems, overcome obstacles, and achieve common goals.

In short, it measures Teamability: the ability to connect with others to form a productive team. Teamability™ is a set of predictive metrics encompassing one’s Role, Coherence, and Teaming Characteristics as defined by TGI’s Role-based approach to the understanding of group interaction.

Teamability provides you with a roadmap to create amazing teamwork in startup teams, project teams, production teams, sales & service teams, any and all teams. Team Analysis identifies and explains quality of team interaction and fit-to-mission. The metrics and management methods are fully integrated, for decision support reports that are compact, clear, and actionable.

It identifies:

  • The manner in which one is attracted and motivated to contribute to a team effort
  • The ability to connect with others to form a productive team
  • Particular ‘teaming characteristics’ that enhance team spirit within a given organizational culture
  • Effective methods for selecting, structuring, developing, and motivating individuals and teams

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