Resource: Role-Based Assessment

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I’m pleased to share a resource with you from The Gabriel Institute. Dr. Janice Presser and her colleagues have created a completely new technology for predicting how a person will behave when working with others to benefit their group, overcome a challenge, or achieve a common goal.

TGI’s Role-Based Assessment (RBA) measures team-related behaviors that have not been addressed by any other form of assessment.  It can identify a positive, constructive orientation to team collaboration, as well as the ideal ‘fit’ between a set of job responsibilities and a person’s natural ‘Role.’  Consequently, RBA is highly effective in team member selection, and in analyzing and solving team performance problems.

A positive I.D. on the ‘who’ and ‘where’ of successful teaming creates value across a broad spectrum of business activity: improved quality of hire, lower turnover, risk mitigation, rapid time-to-productivity, team performance improvement, and dramatic reduction in the ‘collateral damage’ that results from failed hires.

If you are making new hire decisions or working to build a more cohesive and profitable team, RBA is an excellent tool for your toolkit! Find out more at or contact me to see a sample profile and learn about a no-cost-solution for giving RBA a test drive.