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Leader-As-Coach programCoaching is leading. Our Leader-As-Coach program is a corporate leadership and executive training and development program that gives participants the confidence, practical tools and support they need to lead with impact. Manager level staff and above will learn to unlock their own potential and that of employees.

The fully customizable 5-module executive training and development program teaches the leadership skills that will support participants in responding effectively to the pressure to get more done with fewer assets and in less time.

Leader-As-Coach focuses on executive training and development. This form of business management organizational development consulting bridges the gap for both new and experienced managers and leaders. Our 5-step process sharpens leadership skills with practical tools and confidence they need to nurture the talents and skills of those they manage. Whether you’re looking for:

  • Executive Leadership Training and Development Consulting
  • Team Building in the Workplace
  • Leadership Development Skills for new Managers
  • Executive or Leadership Team Coaching

Our program blends audio and visual learning platforms with interactive eLearning to ensure that all participants move forward quickly. The audio portion includes sample executive coaching sessions and real-life examples of how leaders have advanced or sabotaged their success.

The Workplace Coach

The Leader-As-Coach Modules

  1. Management CoachCoaching Module – Participants learn to be Leader-Coaches with leadership skills coaching designed to have immediate impact on their ability to successfully manage and lead others. (This may also be a stand-alone 1-day workshop!)
  2. Trust & Team Building in the Workplace – Participants learn to create and rebuild trust among peers as well as up and down the organization, which is the foundation of success for any team or work unit.
  3. Time & Priority Management Module – Participants learn to make better choices with time and use proven techniques for organizational priority management.
  4. Feedback Module – Participants discover techniques for mastering the art of giving and receiving feedback up, down and across the organizational structure.
  5. Conflict Management Module – Participants learn to effectively handle conflict by using tools, processes and language that strengthens their ability to have critical, often difficult conversations.

We offer Leader-As-Coach in an online eLearning environment as well as traditional in-person workshop training options. We also provide individual and group coaching support.

Buy an Individual Leader-As-Coach eLearning Self-Study Program now for $395.00.

Contact us by phone at 1-877-306-5292, by email mickey@theworkplacecoach.com or via our webform for additional information or to request a preview!