Mission Provides Leadership Foundation

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Can you imagine a successful business without a mission? A mission gives an organization clear parameters within which it operates…parameters that serve as a guide for all business planning, marketing, as well as service and product development/delivery.  Likewise, a personal mission is essential if you want to develop and follow your own roadmap for success.  A mission-driven approach provides leaders with a solid foundation and inspiration –two key elements for becoming the type of catalyst that people want to follow.

As you consider your personal mission statement, write down all of the roles you play in life as well as your strengths, values, current needs and goals.  Next write down a sentence or two about who you would like to BE and what you’d like to ACCOMPLISH in work and life. Finally, spend some time using this information to craft a mission statement. It can be as simple or complex as you like…simply be true to yourself.

If you need a hand discovering your mission consider working with a well qualified coach or mentor.