Meet The Coach: Dr. “Rae”

| Posted in Leadership Blog

Dr. Rachel M. Elahee, more fondly known as “Dr. Rae,” is a coaching psychologist, board certified coach, certified diversity practitioner and author of “Choose You!: Reignite Your Passion For Life.” As a business owner, wife and mother of four, she has developed a keen passion for supporting the needs of executives, corporate leaders and small business owners.

Dr. Rae inspires professionals to excel in the workplace through ‘everyday leadership’ by equipping her clients with the practical and tangible skills necessary to achieve greater life satisfaction, professional productivity and ultimately, peace of mind. She believes that in order to excel in our careers, we must first excel in our personal lives. Dr. Rae specializes in leadership development, character strengths development, emotional intelligence, communication skills, and team building. A few of her engagements include Halyard Health, GE, HP, and the Department of Veteran Affairs.

Most recently, Dr. Rae created a “world class customer experience” workshop to train over 100 customer service professionals and leaders for The Workplace Coach. In the program, she demystifies the diversity of the customer experience and helps participants bring their best selves to work leveraging character strengths and behavior style to successfully navigate conflict and handle the most challenging of customers. In 2018, Dr. Rae will be offering this program to other clients both in person and webinar style.

Stay tuned for other courses in 2018, including ones focused on psychology agility and priority management for leaders.