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To Become a Great Leader, Start With Yourself

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The greatest leaders are transformational leaders. They are natural influencers who know how to guide others to greater self-awareness, imparting a sense of mission, purpose and resolve –– all while keeping the greater good of the larger team and organization in focus. Transformational leaders also know that before they can lead anyone else successfully, they have to lead themselves, including by developing their own emotional intelligence and self-awareness. That’s because, contrary to conventional wisdom, true… Read More

Join us for Midlife Mastery 2017 – Sponsored by FirstSun EAP

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Midlife Mastery is a program designed specifically for director to C-Suite executives, senior leaders and business owners, ages 45 to 64, who are ready to expand their perspective, refresh their opportunities and grow professionally and personally. The 6-week videoconference program is comprised of three main elements:   • Defining success and goal setting • Assessing and leveraging strengths, values and emotional intelligence • Creating and executing a plan that is supported by positive psychology interventions that… Read More

Learning to Thrive in the Face of Workplace Change & Stress

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The World Health Organization has called stress the global health epidemic of the 21st century. And according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 25% of all employees view their job as the number one stressor in their lives. Why? In a word: Change. IBM reports that 5,247 executives in over 70 countries consider the “scope, scale and speed” of change to be increasingly disruptive. As these statistics suggest, the risk of physical and… Read More

Mindfulness + Executive Coaching = Vibrant Leader

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A recent Harvard Business Review article affirms what we’ve known for years – mindfulness based executive coaching can help leaders to identify and overcome limiting beliefs, behaviors and interpersonal difficulties. Furthermore, mindfulness based executive coaching can help leaders develop a new set of skills, including the capacity to think strategically and motivate others. Mindfulness meditation when offered in the workplace is generally not tied to specific leadership development challenges. Instead, it is currently employed by… Read More

State of the American Workplace

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STATE OF THE AMERICAN WORKPLACE According to recent Gallup research, of the approximately 100 million people in America who hold full-time jobs: 30 million (30%) are engaged and inspired at work, having exceptional managers, 20 million (20%) are actively disengaged, having managers that make them miserable, and 50 million (50%) are not engaged, present or are uninspired by their managers. Furthermore, in terms of safety and healthcare costs, the research found that the top 25%… Read More

Positive Psychology Coaching Empowers Midlife Executives

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My recent dissertation was published in the International Journal of Education and Social Sciences. You can review the full article here. In short the paper provides insights into the lived experiences of senior leaders who participated in positive psychology focuses executive coaching during midlife. Through personal interviews, participants shared detailed descriptions of their experiences in an effort to understand how they benefited personally and professionally while facing challenges typically associated with middle age. There were… Read More