How To Think (& Behave) Like a Leader

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If you’re a fan of Dan Rockwell (“The Leadership Freak”) then you already know that Leaders fail when they don’t think and behave like trailblazers should. And, when leaders think like individual contributors they demoralize their teams while devaluing and undermining their leadership. So, perhaps you’re asking yourself “how can I become a more confident and effective leader, someone that people want to follow?” The answer is simple, but not easy: change how you think and behave!

In short, become more coach-like in your approach to leadership. Focus on “we” rather than “I” while helping people align with their passions, rather than resorting to control and manipulation. Do “what” is right rather than being overly concerned about “who” is right as you work to simplify solutions and deal with the real issues. Making a move from “telling” to “coaching” will help you lead with clarity and confidence. This is why major companies worldwide are starting to see the value of coaching.

What shifts do you need to make as a leader?

Our Certified Leader Coach® Certificate Program can help!

Certified Leader Coach

Certified Leader Coach® Certificate Program


Theme:  The online CLC program is designed to help participants advance in their roles as leader-coaches. The “live” interactive program consists of 6 monthly webinar sessions that are 3 hours each. Experienced Master Certified Coaches and OD Professionals facilitate each session.

Where: Online, monthly for 6 months, 3 hours per month using Any Meeting! 

Dates: First Wednesday of each month beginning, March 5, 2014, 6:30-9:30 PM  (EST/EDT). Discounts available until February 12th registration!

Requirements: Computer, Tablet, Headset and Microphone

(18 Pre-approved CEUs/PDH’s applied for through HR Certification Institute (SHRM) and Employee Assistance Certification Commission (EAPA))


Coaching is a rapidly growing field and becoming the management and leadership format of choice at companies worldwide.  In this program we will focus on developing coaching skills as well as how to successfully implement coaching in your organization.   The CLC Coaching Program provides participants a unique process using a combined Organization Development and Coaching Psychology approach.  Through this leadership development program, you will be equipped to build an environment of growth and profitability. Plus, best of all, our trainers and business coaches will help you help your company create the kind of “want-to-be-here” culture that strengthens your organization, allows for succession planning, and puts it on a one way track to sustainable success. Completing the CLC program will reinforce your team leadership and business management toolkit, in addition to strengthening the confidence that makes you a high-performing contributor to your organization. Specifically, CLC certification:

  • Enhances management and leadership skills and knowledge,
  • Verifies a level of management expertise and ethical business leadership potential,
  • Distinguishes managers by demonstrating professional initiative and achievement,
  • Offers a competitive edge for career advancement, and
  • Demonstrates an organization’s commitment to quality business management, ethical business behavior and leadership development.

In addition, participants learn the role of the leader-coach and the coaching process – conducting assessments, evaluating the coachee, identifying needs, creating development plans, conducting follow up discussions, giving feedback, and monitoring progress.

For over 5 years, this program has helped hundreds of managers, leaders and professionals improve their ability to lead, coach and have impact…join them by enrolling today using one of the options below, or contacting us for additional information.

Enrollment options

      1. CLC Program, early registration $1,915.00 (Save 15% – Ends Feb 12, 2014)
      2. CLC Program (regular) $2,250.00
      3. Monthly credit card debit of $385 (contact us for form)

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