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The Workplace Coach works with teams and their individual members to enhance team processes and functionality, overcome challenges and improve outcomes. Teams and organizations benefit from a confidential, empowering and professional coaching relationship.

Team coaching is customized to meet the client organization's needs and goals. Typical objectives include facilitating communication, enhancing team cohesion, streamlining work flow or work processes, improving problem-solving and decision-making practices and delivering higher-quality work products.



Best suited for:

Organizations looking to boost team morale and motivation, build a sense of shared leadership and leverage the strengths of individual team members.

Virtual or distributed teams that need to establish trust, improve communications and manage conflict in the absence of face-to-face time.

Interdepartmental and cross-disciplinary teams seeking to establish shared objectives and develop strategies for working together more effectively and efficiently.

Organizations looking to supplement and reinforce executive coaching and other developmental initiatives by improving team effectiveness.

Elements of Team Coaching

Individual and team assessments to determine strengths, identify common group behaviors and demonstrate gaps in perception and thinking.

Team coaching and work sessions designed to build relationships and awareness through shared experience.

Coaching sessions with the team as a whole and with individual team members.

Program Duration

Team coaching typically lasts 3 to 6 months or longer, depending on organizational and team needs and goals.