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Career-ManagementIf you’re looking to achieve more, climb higher, accelerate your career success or transition into your dream career, the Workplace Coach will see to it that you reach your goals with career management coaching.

Our skilled career management coaches partner with clients to develop individualized strategies and tactics. We guide and support clients in setting career goals, defining their unique value propositions and building a strategic roadmap that leads to their desired career destination.

Successful career transition does not happen by accident. It is both an art and a balancing act, one that requires creativity and strategy. With the support of our career management coaches, our clients achieve their goals faster and more easily than they would on their own.

Our career management coaching services are suitable for all stages of the career path – from entry to mid-career and re-entry, including career transitioning and post-retirement planning.


Best suited for:

Employees and entrepreneurs, professionals and businesspeople who want to advance in their careers and attain greater fulfillment and success.

Individuals who are looking to identify and transition into a new, chosen career that builds on their passions, strengths and experience.

Individuals motivated to take action and make changes to articulate and then achieve their career goals.

New retirees who want to identify their passions and aspirations as they prepare for new ways of living.

Elements of Career Management Coaching:

Individual coaching sessions, typically biweekly for 45 to 60 minutes, via phone, videoconferencing or in person.

Assessment of career interests and aptitudes.

Career planning, including co-creating a custom career map.

Social media assessment, strategy and planning.

Networking and interview skills development.

Resume preparation, review and revision.

Salary negotiation tactics and preparation.


Typically 3 to 6 months, depending on individual needs.