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Good leaders identify key success factors and measure them because they know what gets measured becomes a priority and is achieved. Measuring quality, financials, leadership competencies or performance allow you to meet goals with more precision — keeping a visible score card on your progress can help keep everyone on a team focused and apprised of progress. Practice by identifying the top 5 areas you want to measure and create goals around. Then create a… Read More


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Good leaders hold themselves and others accountable. They hold themselves accountable by telling others what they are committing to and asking them check in periodically regarding status and results. Likewise, they hold others accountable by following up or asking them to check in at various milestones. Simple requests such as “Will you email me with your plan by Thursday morning,?” Or “Let’s touch base in two weeks with a status update” add structure and support… Read More


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Welcome to Lessons In Leadership. This forum is designed for sharing tips, tools, resources and advice with other leaders and managers concerned striving for organizational, professional and personal excellence.… Read More