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Learning to Thrive in the Face of Workplace Change & Stress

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The World Health Organization has called stress the global health epidemic of the 21st century. And according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 25% of all employees view their job as the number one stressor in their lives. Why? In a word: Change. IBM reports that 5,247 executives in over 70 countries consider the “scope, scale and speed” of change to be increasingly disruptive. As these statistics suggest, the risk of physical and… Read More

Mindfulness + Executive Coaching = Vibrant Leader

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A recent Harvard Business Review article affirms what we’ve known for years – mindfulness based executive coaching can help leaders to identify and overcome limiting beliefs, behaviors and interpersonal difficulties. Furthermore, mindfulness based executive coaching can help leaders develop a new set of skills, including the capacity to think strategically and motivate others. Mindfulness meditation when offered in the workplace is generally not tied to specific leadership development challenges. Instead, it is currently employed by… Read More

Positive Psychology Coaching Empowers Midlife Executives

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My recent dissertation was published in the International Journal of Education and Social Sciences. You can review the full article here. In short the paper provides insights into the lived experiences of senior leaders who participated in positive psychology focuses executive coaching during midlife. Through personal interviews, participants shared detailed descriptions of their experiences in an effort to understand how they benefited personally and professionally while facing challenges typically associated with middle age. There were… Read More

Leaders: Get In-Touch to Motivate, Engage, Develop Staff

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Recent research by the American Management Association suggests that leaders are increasingly becoming out of touch with their employees and organizations. According to their analysis of more than 300 senior executives, managers and C-level executives, 51% appear to operate as if they are stuck in a bubble and cut off from the real world. Causes of leadership bubbles include failure of internal communications, the corporate culture, personality of the CEO and having too many “yes”… Read More

True leaders mentor others. Here’s why and how…

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Effective mentoring is a professional activity built around a trusted relationship and a meaningful commitment to growth. While mentoring relationships range from informal collegial friendships to highly structured, formal arrangements between expert and novice, the ultimate goal of each is to provide professional and personal enrichment along with career advice. Developing skills, working to enhance performance and becoming the person they want to be defines this effort to maximize professional potential. While there are a… Read More

Positive Psychology Coaching for C-Suite Executives

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As an executive coach, I often work with senior managers who are aspiring to the “corner office.” As client and coach, we work together to change behaviors, broaden perspective, sharpen skills, enhance executive presence, and of course plan their career paths and execution strategies. But, what about coaching for them after they “arrive?” For most, that’s when coaching becomes even more advantageous. The higher up you go in an organization, the more you tend to… Read More

Assessment Center: 360-Feedback Guide

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This guide from ASTD provides helpful information to anyone looking to implement a successful 360 feedback system in their organization. Basically, a 360-degree feedback evaluation is a questionnaire that asks people – superiors, direct reports, peers, and internal and external customers – how well a manager performs in any number of behavioral areas. Questions discussed in the guide include: · Why use a 360˚ survey? · Is it better to outsource or build the survey… Read More