Assessment Center: 360-Feedback Guide

| Posted in Leadership Blog

360 Feedback AtlantaThis guide from ASTD provides helpful information to anyone looking to implement a successful 360 feedback system in their organization. Basically, a 360-degree feedback evaluation is a questionnaire that asks people – superiors, direct reports, peers, and internal and external customers – how well a manager performs in any number of behavioral areas.

Questions discussed in the guide include:

· Why use a 360˚ survey?

· Is it better to outsource or build the survey in-house?

· Who should participate?

· How should the results be used?

· What’s the best way to deliver sensitive feedback?

A useful 360-degree glossary is included, which helps take some of the mystique out of this highly effective evaluation process.

Download the free guide and let us know if we can be of help in providing 360’s Teamability or DISC assessments, debriefs or workshops!