10 Steps to Landing Your Dream Job

| Posted in Leadership Blog

Landing your dream job and navigating the “corporate ladder” ain’t what it used to be! To be successful, we must take control of our careers and realize that it’s up to us to navigate the obstacle course and get hired. Donna Cooper, our lead career coach suggests the following steps to proactively get a leg up on the competition.

  1. Evaluate your skill set to identify your target position.
  2. Define and promote your personal brand online using Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.
  3. Develop an achievement focused resume and a solution-focused cover letter to market your abilities.
  4. Use LinkedIn to broaden your professional connections via contacts and professional groups. You can also get noticed by demonstrating the value you bring via recommendations, personal slide shows, video clips and the like.
  5. Follow bloggers on Twitter to learn about the latest job openings.
  6. Work to build relationships with several recruiters.
  7. Join Professional Associations that meet in person and network, network, network.
  8. Visit company websites and apply to jobs that interest you (checking your LinkedIn, FB and personal contacts who might be able to put your resume forward!)
  9. Cold call — be brave enough to pick up the phone or walk in the door of companies you really want to work for.
  10. Consider partnering with a career coach to add synergy, power and accountability to your career management efforts!